International Violin Competition "Massimo Marin" 2022

Dear Members,

we would like to point out the international violin competition dedicated to maestro Massimo Marin which will be held in Pinerolo (TO) between 4 and 6 February 2022.


Here are some of the words of the organization of the competition:

“The competition will have as its primary objective that of allowing everyone, including beginners, to live a fully positive experience, free from competitive ill health, stress or negative emotions. We want to create an atmosphere in which everyone feels at ease, appreciated and considered first of all for their passion for music and their commitment. Votes and results will be a recognition of the study and the will of each and the jury will undertake to provide positive feedback that stimulates motivation, commitment and daily study. "



link to site:

Attached you can find the file of the competition poster

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