The European String Teachers Association (ESTA) is a non-governmental organization with participatory status in the European Council.

ESTA was founded in 1972 by the Austrian pedagogue Marianne Kroemer, to which eminent musicians such as Max Rostal and Yehudi Menuhin were soon added, with the aim of promoting the teaching of bowed instruments at the highest level and of allowing musicians and instrumentalists to compare ideas across Europe.

To better take action and establish faster and more efficient contacts, the organization created sections, represented by the various nations that increasingly joined it. Currently ESTA can count as many as 32 associated countries, including Italy, and 5,000 members including violin, viola, cello and double bass teachers, as well as concert performers, students and amateurs.

The presidents

The presidents of ESTA Internazionale, all artists of undisputed international fame were:

Marianne Kroemer (1972-1974)
Max Rostal (1974-1982)
Marianne Kroemer (1982-1984)
Yehudi Menuhin (1984 -1993)
Siegfried Palm (1993-2002)
Igor Ozim (2002-2005)
Edith Peinemann (2005-2011)
Bruno Giuranna (from 2012 to today)