European String Teachers Association

There European String Teachers Association was born in Europe in 1972 from a group of eminent teachers such as Marianne Kroemer, Max Rostal and Yehudi Menuhin. The purpose of ESTA is to promote the highest teaching standards and allow the sharing of ideas between teachers of string instruments.
To date, ESTA has 5000 members in 32 European countries.

The main objectives of ESTA

Promote the highest educational and artistic levels in the teaching of bowed instruments.

Promote the study of bowed instruments throughout the life of each individual.

Encourage study and research at all stages of teaching stringed instruments.

Provide a forum for discussion and dissemination of instrumental teaching ideas through conferences, workshops, publications, etc.

Promote collaboration between associates and with other organizations.

Upcoming International Congresses

Each year the national sections regularly organize conferences and workshops with a view to these goals. In addition, an International Congress takes place every year in a European member country. The next congresses will take place in:

Porto, Portugal 2020

Helsinki, Finland 2021

Graz, Austria 2022

Cardiff, UK 2023

National sections

Each Section has a National President, who controls the work of a Committee responsible for Section events and publications. The precise structure of each National Section may vary. Further information is available from the national sections.

Organizations of stringed instrument teachers all over the world






The Council of International String Teachers' Associations, founded in 1999 during a meeting of representatives from ASTA, AUSTA, ESTA and STANZA.