ESTA italiana is an independent association and excludes any profit.

Our mission

  • to promote the pedagogy and teaching of bowed instruments;
  • instruct young people to use bowed instruments;
  • contribute the professional training of stringed instrumentalists and teachers of stringed instruments, both in the start-up phase, and as subsequent permanent training;
  • boost the diffusion of the practice of playing a bowed instrument, even with non-professional objectives, as a form of active participation in the artistic heritage of humanity, and full deployment of the expressive potential inherent in each person;
  • to organize congresses, conventions, meetings and concerts of public utility;
  • to publish periodicals and other publications of professional interest;
  • to define through international connections, training programs and permanent training initiatives for operators who in any capacity operate in the sector of bowed instruments and their music;
  • take part consultations and make proposals for the formulation of regulatory and operational provisions by national, regional and local institutions concerning the study, dissemination, knowledge of bowed instruments, and their use in concert type events; contribute to the definition of guidelines and verifications concerning institutions operating within the framework of this activity;
  • act as a reference point updated for all operators in the sector, also possibly through the management of a collection of audio, audio-visual, multimedia recordings and anything else that can be of help to those who carry out executive, educational, or historical research activities focused on instruments arched;
  • collaborate carrying out its action also in collaboration with state bodies and parastatal bodies as with any institution or public or private body, Italian or foreign, which carries out relevant activities for the purposes indicated above, also with the stipulation of special conventions.



Here you can view the Statute of Esta Italia