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Full arc 03

The titles of the articles in this issue:

Paolo Crispo a life for music and for students;
Sandro Materassi: a man projected towards the future;
The stylistic-formal evolution of the Chaconne for solo violin (part 1);
Are Fritz Kreisler's Short Pieces still relevant ?;
Brief analysis on the situation of Contemporary Music in Italy today;
A violin teaching project in India;
Interview with Paolo Salvelli, President of the Jury of the XII International Triennial Competition of String Instruments;
The first 30 years of the Civic School of Violin Making in Milan. Interview with Virginia Villa;
400 years from the death of Gasparo da Salò;
Comparison between two violas from the leg with Gasparo da Salò label;
Cleaning of musical instruments;
The prices of the stringed instruments;
From Paola Stradivari to the Stradivarian Museum.