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47th International Conference European String Teacher Association


This year, the ESTA conference will take place in the medieval heart of Cremona, the historical centre of string instrument making.  We have an amazing line-up for this year’s conference.  Come and join us for a truly inspirational week of learning, recharging your batteries, challenging yourself and meeting some fantastic people — all at a venue particularly significant for string players!  In fact, the chance to visit one of Cremona’s numerous luthier workshops can’t be missed; nor can a visit to the Museo del Violino with its priceless collection of Stradivarius, Amati and Guarnieri del Gesù.

Professional development lies at the heart of the European String Teachers Association and each year the conference draws together a world-class line-up of teacher/performer-presenters to share experiences and pedagogic insights into teaching and playing string instruments.

The ESTA Conference 2019 in Cremona promises an inspiring series of workshops, lectures, demonstrations and concerts. Participants range from young professionals to seasoned performers and teachers giving a unique mix of experience and opportunity for sharing ideas and knowledge; often late into the night in the cafés and trattorias situated around the main piazza.


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